Welcome to the new CoolGuys Blogging Network.

Our goal is to provide blogging services to people that want get started in this rapidly growing industry and generate the income from their efforts that will afford a better lifestyle. We are dedicated to training our members on how to blog if they have no previous experience at all. All that is required is a desire to write about something passionately. We will help you come up with a domain name if you don't have one or haven't been able to find an available one.

We help our members find the income streams that work for their blog and take care of the details in getting them installed and running. We provide a revenue sharing program using Google AdSense advertising but we encourage our members to sign up and obtain their own AdSense accounts. We can walk our members through the process of opening an AdSense account and setting up any other online revenue, advertising and affiliate programs they may wish to join.

The best part about the CoolGuys Blogging Network is it's FREE to join! You will need to purchase a domain name and hosting for your new blog, but we provide low cost solutions for our members or you can provide your own.

Get started today in hottest growing industry online, BLOGGING!

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